X1 Family of Data Center Switches

For the Next-Generation Cloud Infrastructure

X1 family of 25.6Tbps and 12.8Tbps fully programmable data center switches deliver application-optimized switching for top-of-rack, data center fabric, and HPC, AI, and ML clusters.

X1 is the industry’s first, low power 25.6Tbps (32 x 800G) data center switch with 100G SerDes and is designed from the ground up to address the bandwidth, power, form factor, and radix requirements for current and next generation cloud deployments and hyperscale networks.

X1 introduces a groundbreaking new architecture that achieves new levels of power and silicon efficiencies. It enables cloud service providers to deploy a 25.6Tbps (32 x 800G) in a 1 RU form factor.

X1’s architecture incorporates a unique set of features, like application-optimized switching, X-PND™, and X-IQ™ enabling customers’ switch deployments to achieve optimized latency and power efficiency.

X1 Device Diagram

Key Features Include

  • At less than 300W for 25.6Tbps and under 200W for 12.8Tbps for typical data center use cases, X1 is the industry’s lowest power data center switch silicon

  • Built with industry-leading 256 x 100G LR PAM4 SerDes, X1 enables retimer-less design, supporting in-rack DAC connectivity for the 100G ecosystem. X1 also supports the new 800G optics ecosystem, delivering a 2x improvement in port density vs. 400G optics

  • Application-optimized switching architecture delivers the lowest power and lowest latency for customer-specific deployment use cases

  • No compromise, fully shared buffer architecture enables wire-speed in-cast performance for worst-case microburst absorption

  • Supports an extensive suite of programmable Dataplane Telemetry that enables best-in-class visibility into the network for monitoring, troubleshooting, and real-time analysis and decision making

  • Supports a broad range of switch configurations:

    • 25.6Tbps: 256 x 100G, 128 x 200G, 64 x 400G, 32 x 800G
    • 12.8Tbps: 256 x 50G, 128 x 100G, 64 x 200G, 32 x 400G, 16 x 800G
X1 Silicon

Xsight Labs’ X1 family of products features essential tools to facilitate the customer’s deployment and optimization needs, including:

  • X-PND™ Engine: Xsight’s expandable Elastic Resource Engine changes the paradigm from “use it or lose it” to unconditional resource elasticity, allowing unprecedented flexibility in resource allocation across packet buffer and control tables.
  • X-IQ™ Engine: Xsight’s Intelligent Queuing provides lower flow completion time (FCT) and improves overall application performance with support for up to 64k (256 per port) queues with advanced congestion control.
  • X-MON™: Xsight’s Monitoring, Analysis, and Predictive Maintenance Manager, powered by Universal Chip Telemetry™ (UCT) from proteanTecs, allows data centers to monitor the health and performance of in-field systems, optimize performance, extend system lifetimes, and support a comprehensive predictive fleet maintenance strategy to significantly lower operational costs.

2x improvement in performance in 1 RU form factor

X1 delivers a 2x improvement in port density in a 1 RU form factor by championing the transition to the 100G SerDes ecosystem.

2X Performance in 1RU

Other benefits of transitioning to 100G SerDes ecosystem include:

  • Optimized power efficiency
  • Transition to 800G optics ecosystem
  • 400G server connectivity

Part Ordering Information

The X1 product family is fully interoperable.

Maximum  Throughput
Network Facing SerDes
Port Configuration Example
XLX1A256A 25.6 Tbps 256 x 100 Gbps 256 x 25/50/100 GbE
128 x 200 GbE
64 x 400 GbE
XLX1A128A 12.8 Tbps 128 x 100 Gbps 128 x 25/50/100 GbE
64 x 200 GbE
32 x 400 GbE
XLX1A128B 12.8 Tbps 256 x 50 Gbps 256 x 25/50 GbE
128 x 100 GbE
64 x 200 GbE
32 x 400 GbE

Evaluation Platforms

X1 2 RU Evaluation System

2-RU evaluation system with flyover cables for chip-to-module connectivity.

Front panel options:

  • 25.6T: 32 x 800G OSFP
  • 25.6T: 32 x 800G QSFP-DD
  • 12.8T: 32 x 400G QSFP-DD

For information & availability contact: sales@xsightlabs.com

2RU Images2

X1 1 RU Evaluation System

1 RU reference system built by a leading ODM

  • Cost-effective production ready
  • PCB routed, re-timer less

Front panel options:

  • 25.6T: 32 x 800G OSFP
  • 25.6T: 32 x 800G QSFP-DD
  • 12.8T: 32 x 400G QSFP-DD

For information & availability contact: sales@xsightlabs.com

Xsight RU1


X1 is accompanied by a comprehensive Software Development Kit (SDK), designed to incorporate multi-layer APIs, allowing full control of the X1 silicon. The SDK contains a set of reference applications and is fully compatible with OCP SAI and SONiC network operating system (NOS).

Xsight Labs Software Stack
  • X-SDK delivers control APIs for data center fabric, AI, and HPC feature sets
  • Multi-layered design enables multiple integration models
    • XSW APIs deliver NOS interface for fast and smooth integration
    • Embraces open networking with OCP SAI and SONiC integration
  • Provides comprehensive feature set and consistent interface across all X1 SKUs
X1 Product Brief Cover

X1 Product Brief

To get more information and specifications on the X1, download our product brief.


The Linley Group Microprocessor Report

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